Prosody trunk nightly build 381

Date: Thu Jun 13 03:07:56 UTC 2013

Source tarball

The cross-platform source snapshot can be found at the link below. For general documentation on installing it, see installing Prosody from source.

Debian, Ubuntu and related packages

We recommend that you add the Prosody package repository to your system, and install the prosody-trunk package using apt-get to track the trunk nightly builds.

Alternatively you can follow these links to manually download the latest .deb files:

Changes since previous build

* e29ece65e3b0: util.pubsub: Check whether node exists, when deleting [Florian Zeitz] * c1021a2e7071: certmanager: Set ssl.curve to 'secp384r1' by default, to enable ECC ciphers [Matthew Wild] * b7ebeae14053: certmanager: Add single_dh_use and single_ecdh_use to default options [Matthew Wild]